“How do I become a good team leader?”

This is a question I’m asked frequently by new managers, but also by managers with some experience.
And while I could talk for hours about what “good” leadership might be, there’s one idea I personally find really helpful.

The idea is to look at your ears and your mouth and observe that you have two ears, but only one mouth.

Use them accordingly!

A good leader should listen more than talk.

That’s not always easy. The more experience you have, the more you might be inclined to just talk.

Before you start talking, sit back and listen. You might be surprised how powerful this approach can be.

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One response to ““How do I become a good team leader?”

  1. I spoke to that very thing in one of my post. I just retired, but when I was a new manager, the best thing for me to do was LISTEN! It is amazing how much you learn by not saying a word. Great Post!

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