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May, music and more

Yes, yes, I know. It’s been ages that I’ve written a blog post.

So, here I am again, still trying to muddle through all the small and bigger challenges of this global pandemic that has affected the musical part of my life in a big way.

I don’t want to go on about how hard it is that concerts and recitals are cancelled and that livestreaming directly from “my” churches isn’t possible due to slow internet connection and that I miss my singing students and my choirs and all the rest, but I want to keep my eyes on the future and on my plans.

There’s still the possibility that concerts and recitals will be possible this year, so I will continue to work on my programmes and I have lots of ideas for new pieces.

For this blog, I have decided that I will concentrate on writing about music. In the past, “musical” blog posts have had more attention than everything else and one funny thing is that when I search e.g. for “organ music” and “female composers”, my own blog posts come up in the “top 10” of the search results, so I guess that’s pointing me into that direction, too. 😉 Of course I will still write about other topics whenever I feel like it and I will also make sure to write in both German and English.

I’m currently testing a new online format to bring organ music to people who don’t have the possibility to visit a church and listen to music there and as soon as I can say more about it, I will. I’m also working on offering online voice training, so if you’re interested in this, just drop me a line.

Today, I would like to share an article by my musician friend Erica Sipes where she writes about musical misperceptions and it’s really worth reading! The article resonated with me in several ways and I hope I’ll find the time to write something about this, too.

Until then, I hope you’ll come back to this blog every once in a while and thanks for reading!

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November music

November was a busy month for the musician in me.
I played the organ for Sunday service, I had the pleasure to conduct our choir for another Sunday service because our MD had to be elsewhere, and last weekend there was “the” concert: two choirs, a brass quintet, an organ solo, and additional solo and duet singing. Plus I accompanied another choir during their Sunday service yesterday.

Overall, everything went okay. Of course, there are things that could’ve gone better. I’m not happy at all with my solo performance at the organ, I managed to muddle through and save the piece by improvising wildly while having some kind of brain shutdown and technical problems with the instrument, and I suppose it wasn’t as bad as it felt, but while it happened, I just wanted to be somewhere else and never perform again. I haven’t listened to the recording yet and my inner perfectionist is still sulking.
The good thing was that the organ I had available yesterday was a very decent instrument and made up for everything else and I’m almost back to feeling confident about performing 🙂

The two duets I sang together with another soprano worked really, really well and were a lot of fun. We’ve been asked to sing together again at a concert in March next year, so I’m now looking for suitable pieces.

Also, I’ve learned a lot for future organ recitals – for example that my preparation should include a plan B for technical difficulties with the instrument and that my improvisation skills are good enough to survive even some kind of blackout in my head.

December won’t be as busy, a few Sunday services, a solo for the choir’s advent/pre-Christmas event, and hopefully some practice time before the year ends.

And did I already mention the 2nd of September 2017? This is when I will play my organ recital and it has now been officially announced in the “Luther year calendar”.

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